hey so um i'm creating a new blog to replace this one so yeah. enjoy my new blog if you look forward to hearing me ramble about the most stupidest shit in the world okay yeah.


i'm just going to pretend that i haven't taken a month-long break and deleted all my posts.....


*helena by mcr plays in background* 

*slides in dramatically*

so..... hi? 

i have no clue how to explain my breaks...... so let's just say i've been busy, in which i have been. 

i start high school ON MONDAY OKAY I'M FUCKING SCARED.

and i've been on vacation in california with my friend alex. *thumbs up in approval*

so yeah. 

i lost a follower though but then again that follower isn't my friend anymore so idrc. 

anyway take a crappy photo of me from a video okay bye.

excuse the weird face lol.